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Bend Studio

Bend Studio Possibly Teases New Game

Days Gone developer Bend Studio has seemingly teased a new game. This is far from concrete, but the PlayStation Studios subsidiary released a cryptic tweet yesterday morning.

The tweet, which just reads “Monday,” and a Bend Studio-branded pen on a PlayStation Studios surface. This could be any number of things, including it’s just a tweet. Some, though, believe it’s an indicator of that they’re in the writing process or early stages of a new game.

Their message on social media is the first time they’ve given public indications that they’re working on something new outside of standard job listings. This would also seemingly be their first project since 2019’s Days Gone.

If you go to the tweet, you’ll be inundated with fans requesting Days Gone 2, which we all know is very, very unlikely. Not only are the lead creatives out of the company, but Sony has rejected the Days Gone 2 pitch. On top of that, with John Garvin demanding people “buy it at full f***ing price” and later blaming “woke” reviewers for the rejection, it’s possible Bend Studio just wants to leave that piece of its history behind.

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