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Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Is “Dead And Buried”

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs game series is apparently “dead and buried” because of Legion’s unfortunate failure. The game faced middling reception from audiences.

Based on a roughly translated Twitter post, not only did Watch Dogs Legion fail in the eyes of Ubi, but it killed a “fairly original battle royale” in the works. There should be a healthy dose of skepticism, though, as last month we heard of a movie in the works, while that’s a far cry from a video game, it’s still proving that the French developer has some sort confidence the IP could stand its own. That’s also not to mention that it seemed to sell decently.

On the flip side, though, it did halt updates back in 2022, but did get a mysterious update last year. In the end, it’s totally plausible that Ubisoft doesn’t feel confident in the IP as a game series, but it’s also all-too-possible something is on the horizon that just needs time to bake.

What do you think? Has Ubisoft left Watch Dogs “dead and buried” or is it just its time? Let us know below!

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