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Watch Dogs: Legion Gets Mysterious Update After Support Ended

Ubisoft Toronto’s Watch Dogs: Legion, the latest in the Watch Dogs franchise, has oddly enough received a new update years after the Toronto-based dev axed support. The update doesn’t appear to add anything, and patch history does not mention what it changes.

As spotted by MP1st, Update 1.25 (PS4) and Update 1.191 (PS5) surfaced. There was no warning or even a mention that this update was happening, it’s suspected to be something related to the backend, as no new content is apparently there. What’s more, the social media account is active, so it’s weird that the dev hasn’t acknowledged the update.

Regardless, stepping back into Watch Dogs: Legion doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do just because the active support ended, Ubisoft has kept its word and is continuing to rotate Seasons and continuing to keep the game’s fanbase through its active Twitter.

What do you think? Have you enjoyed your time playing Watch Dogs: Legion? Let us know below! 

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