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These 4 Xbox Exclusives Might Head To PS5

Four Xbox exclusives are confirmed to be heading to the PS5, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. The games haven’t been named, but they are billed as two “community-driven” games and two “smaller titles.”

During the latest episode of the Official Xbox Podcast (thanks, Xbox Nerds), Spencer joined Sarah Bond and Matt Booty to discuss the future of the console. As it stands, it seems like Xbox might be shying away from having too many exclusives as at least the boss there believes it won’t play as big of a role in the industry over the next decade.

While Spencer didn’t confirm what games are heading our way, it’s believed that Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment are the “smaller titles” while long-rumored Sea of Thieves and Grounded are the “community-driven” games.

What do you think? What Xbox game would you like to see release on PS5? Let us know below!

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