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Sea Of Thieves May Come To PlayStation After All

Xbox’s successful first-party live-service venture, Sea of Thieves, might be heading to competing platforms here as early as this year. The game has been exclusive to Microsoft’s home console and PC since debuting back in 2018.

As suggested by a recent Game Mess Morning (thanks, Xbox Nerds), Jeff Grubb alleges that the game might make the jump after other reports illuded to major first-party Xbox games heading to competing platforms. Other sources have come forward supporting the Sea of Thieves rumor, with Stephen Totilo’s Game File and VGC’s Andy Robinson (on Twitter) noting that while neither could confirm anything, they have heard murmurs.

Overall, it would make the most sense to bring Sea of Thieves to other platforms, after all, it would bring more eyes and players to a game that’s already got a wealth of content thanks to its previous seasons and updates, and overall, a strong community.

What do you think? Would you play Sea of Thieves if it hit PlayStation? Let us know below!

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Ty Harvey
Ty Harvey
1 month ago

My favourite game on Xbox / PC coming to my favourite console?
Day one purchase!

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