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Dying Light 2

There’s “Zero” Chance Dying Light 2 Will Be Delayed Again

Dying Light 2 was delayed to February 2022 back in September to “meet expectations.” Of course, with a game that’s development has been struck with pitfall after pitfall, many even considered the thought it could be delayed even further into the year.

This thought could come about due to the potential hardships the game went through with multiple creatives leaving mid-way through its development or the already bloated month that February is for new game releases. During an interview with MP1st, though, lead game designer, Tymon Smektala, outright said there is “zero” chance that it will be delayed again.

“The game is going to be released next year in February, and that’s what we’ve focused on, that’s what we’ve worked on. So absolutely zero chance of that happening.”

Smektala also clarified that while the pandemic was part of the reason the game was delayed in the first place, it wasn’t the sole factor.

“I think the most important reason for us is that when you work on a non-linear game, and you want to polish that, your actually not polishing one game, but few games at the same time […] So this is the reason for the delay, and also this is our baby. This is our IP. The Dying Light IP is owned by our studio. So we just knew that we couldn’t release the game if it’s not ready to release.”

With this confirmation, Dying Light 2 is slated to release on February 4, 2022.

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