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Standalone Astro Bot Game Announcement Coming Soon

If you own a PlayStation 5 and enjoyed the pack-in game Astro’s Playroom, you may be treated to a new Astro Bot game announcement, according to a new rumor. This is a welcome development, considering it’s been well over three years since the launch of the PS5 and its pack-in demo game Astro’s Playroom, developed by Team Asobi.

Not only is the next PlayStation Showcase rumored to happen soon, but the next Astro Bot game could also be announced at such an event. Rumblings further has it that established leaker, billbil-kun, claims on DeaLabs (via GamingBolt) the next Astro Bot game could be announced as soon as the next couple weeks. The Astro’s Playroom follow-up is also said to go by the simple “Astro Bot” name, be set in a new desert world of some kind, and debut a new fox character along side the game’s title character.

Push Square adds that the upcoming Team Asobi title will not be launched for PSVR 2, however. As such, the game is expected to only be available on PS5. Other than speculations for the game being released sometime later this very year, there is currently no possible release month brought up.

What do you think on the rumors of the next Astro Bot game being announced soon? Do you believe the announcement will be made at the next PS Showcase? Let us know below!

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