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Sony boss Jim Ryan

Sony Boss Confident PS5 Will Sell 108 Million Units In Its Lifetime

Sony executive, Jim Ryan, is confident that the PS5 will sell over 108 million units in its lifetime. At this point, the console has sold around 38 million units.

During a business briefing webcast (via TweakTown), Ryan answered some questions thrown at him about the future. Apparently, he believes in the course of its life, the PS5 will be able to topple an additional 70 million units on top of its current standing.

“Yes, I would anticipate that over the life of the PlayStation 5, that we should be able to exceed a figure of 70 million on top of the 38 million [we have achieved].”

He went on to explain why he came to the conclusion of 70 million, keeping the console just below PS4 sales and much below the staggeringly high PS2’s lifetime sales.

“The reason I say that is the 70 million I think is the existing PlayStation 4 user base, and while we would hope to convert a large number of those people, we will definitely target and and definitely be successful in bringing large numbers of gamers who did not own a PlayStation 4, and in many instances, who have never owned a PlayStation at all.

We’re still a few years away from a new console, in fact, we’re almost in that period where console makers release an “enhanced” edition of its consoles, though, with the troubling launch and only getting out of its shortage woes a few months ago, Sony may stave that off for a little while longer.

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