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Sony Admits PS3 Pricing Was It Getting “Carried Away”

Sony has admitted that the absurd PS3 price tag was the Japanese console maker getting “carried away” due to previous success. The console was priced at the absurd minimum of $499, which granted is the price of the latest console, but at the time, that amount was even more of a big ask than it is today.

During an interview with CNBC (via PSLS), soon-to-be-gone PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, former PS boss Shawn Layden, and PlayStation Studios head Herman Hulst talked about the console generation blunder.

Simultaneously one of the biggest advancements and biggest blunders in Sony’s ongoing console history, the PS3 was a console made to compete with the still relatively new Xbox 360, and… it fumbled quite a bit. From difficult game development to its lofty price tag, it wasn’t flying off the shelves like Sony had hoped, especially coming off of the PS2 era.

All that said, to Layden, the PS3 defined PlayStation with first-party games that have moved onto staples of the brand.

What do you think? Did you get a PS3? Let us know below!

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