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Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones To Be Re-Revealed

Ubisoft is prepping to re-reveal its pirate-centered adventure, Skull & Bones, sometime around July 4. Further details are shrouded in mystery, but according to industry insider Tom Henderson for TryHardGuides, the re-reveal will include gameplay, a release date, and miscellaneous details about the game.

It’s unclear what platforms it’s going to release on, but earlier this month, Brazil did rate the game for current and past-gen consoles alongside PC. 

We previously reported about Skull & Bones and its rocky development, but got confirmation from Ubisoft Singapore that the game hasn’t fallen entirely off the radar. Later that year, its development went into full-swing and a “new vision” in the works.

As of now, though, a full six minutes of footage surfaced and the game changed directions and turned into a multiplayer-first game.

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