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Sea Of Thieves Is Rare’s First Game On PlayStation

Over three decades into its life and Rare has finally released its first game on the PlayStation. The studio does have a storied history releasing games on Nintendo and Xbox platforms.

Over on Twitter, it was revealed that the live service Rare title Sea of Thieves is heading to PlayStation 5, marking the studio’s first game on the platform. While the British game studio nears its 40-year anniversary mark, it’s never actually rubbed shoulders with any PlayStation platforms.

Nintendo had a stake in the company, meaning it was largely developing games for its library of consoles before getting acquired in 2001 by Microsoft, immediately turning it into a first-party developer for the Xbox. But, with Sea of Thieves arriving on April 30, with the help of Third Kind Games, which is doing the proper conversation, it’ll be quite the impressive step forward.

This is part of that same plan that Xbox had outlined previously.

What do you think? Are you going to purchase Sea of Thieves on the PS5? Let us know below!

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