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[RUMOR] NetherRealm Studios Employee Refutes Major Rumors

A recent leak has kind of debunked a handful of rumors surrounding the future of NetherRealm Studios. First and foremost, supposedly this employee, which took to Reddit anonymously, denied a few characters rumored to appear in Mortal Kombat 11. These characters were Doom Slayer, John Wick, Michael Myers, and Deathstroke.

The anonymous employee also confirmed there will be a Kombat Pack 3 including three male characters and one female guest character. He also added there aren’t any plans for Mileena as a playable character despite the public outcry.

On top of squandering Mortal Kombat 11 rumors, the supposed NetherRealm Studios employee refuted that Injustice 3 is their next game. It should be noted, this is solely a rumor and – even though an image was sent to one of the subreddit’s mods to verify the pack claim – it’s still deemed an unverified rumor.

What do you think? Do you believe this rumor? Tell us below!

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