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PSN Down On PS3

The PlayStation Network is down… for PS3 users. Naturally, this leaves some worried that it may never come back online. We highly doubt that Sony would just pull the plug on the service without any notice, though, at the same time, the hardware has been only begrudgingly maintained for some time.

The PS3 subreddit has been flooded with people sharing their error codes about logging into PSN on their legacy hardware. Of course, we can’t make new accounts on PS3 anymore, but we at least expect to be able to login, but at least for the moment, that seems to be unavailable.

While it’s unlikely that Sony is pulling the plug on PS3, hoping no one would notice, they did want to drop PlayStation Store support back in 2021, but backtracked due to heavy backlash. What’s more likely is this is just a glitch and it will eventually be resolved.

So far, Sony hasn’t addressed the error publicly.

What do you think? Is PSN coming back for PS3 or is it so low on the priorities list that it won’t? Let us know below!

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