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“About Half” Of PlayStation’s MAU Are On PS4

PlayStation is having a very weird time right now, with fairly strong sales of the PS5 as it enters the latter part of its life cycle to apparently having 118 million monthly active users, with half of them still on the PS4. The number is a bit skewed as it also takes into account the legacy PS3 and even PS Vita players, but even so, that’s a small, small percentage.

During Sony’s recent earnings report (as shared by Stephen Totilo on X), Sony president Hiroki Totoki expressed that compared to its monthly active users, around half of that is still on PS4, even after repeated statements about efforts to transition PS4 players into PS5 players.

“Cumulative [PS5] sales is 59 million units or plus. Compared to MAU, still, about half of the people are playing on PS4. So, console generation overlap will be handled well and MAU will steadily increase”

The other important thing, though, is why people aren’t hopping on board with the PS5. Obviously, part of it is the lack of games that compel players enough, additionally, there’s the steep price tag on the console, especially as it’s entering its latter half of its life, which for PS4 meant a price reduction.

Until Sony does something like that, we have a hunch that not much is going to change.

What do you think? Are you someone who’s sticking with PS4 exclusively? Let us know below!

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