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PS2 Has Sold 160 Million Units

As Jim Ryan readies to leave his post at Sony Interactive Entertainment, the exec has revealed that the PlayStation 2 has sold 160 million units across the global. Despite being out of production, the console still managed to find itself with five million more sold units than last we heard in 2012.

During an episode of the PlayStation Podcast, Ryan was speaking with senior communication director Sid Shuman, senior communications specialist, and content communications manager Brett Elston when the discussion of the PlayStation in the 2000s, the most well-known of the PlayStation lineup — the PS2 — had its sales number discussed, where Ryan marks around 160 million units worldwide.

While some are skeptical about the number, we don’t really see a reason why Ryan would lie about the number. In the end, what we know is the PS2 continues to reign supreme in overall console sales.

What do you think? Do you still have your PS2? Let us know below!

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