After a month-long retirement, it seems the game leaking life has pulled back the decently reputable leaker, The Snitch, as he claims something big PlayStation news is coming.

On his public Discord server, The Snitch (via Insider Gaming) revealed that a reliable source of his informed him that PlayStation is on the cusp of revealing some third-party projects, but details are still sparse so far.

Everyone has their thoughts on what the third-party stuff could be with some expecting it to finally reveal the all-but-confirmed Metal Gear Solid remaster. It could also tie into the whole State of Play rumors swirling around. It certainly would make for an entertaining March event since any early it would have to tie in with the PSVR 2.

This could also be something completely out of left field and possibly tied in with the 30+ games coming to the next VR headset. Really, only time will tell and we’ll keep you informed.

Back in December, The Snitch revealed to Insider Gaming that he was done leaking games.

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