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Piranha Bytes Struggles To Find Publisher

German developer Piranha Bytes is apparently having trouble finding a publisher for its next game. This follows further layoffs by parent company Embracer Group.

As shared on Twitter, the developer isn’t wanting fans to “write us off yet,” likely referencing how fans worried for the studio’s stability and speculated it would shut down. It isn’t clear why the studio is having problems finding a publisher, though, we expect it might have to do with staffing and the sour taste Embracer has on the industry.

Whatever the case may be, the Elex and Risen developer are still convinced it will succeed despite the unfortunate events and publisher troubles. It’s currently doing what it can to find a partner and hopefully have good news to share with its dedicated community.

Considering the fates of Free Radical and Volition, Piranha Bytes can certainly count itself lucky that it’s at least staying in business.

What do you think? Are you happy the dev is still in business? Let us know below!

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