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Patents Indicate Sony’s Eyeing A DualSense V2

Uncovered patents indicate Sony might be looking at improving the DualSense with new features that will offer guidance to players stuck at specific points based on machine learning. It’s worth noting this could be akin to the PlayStation Portal, which might’ve been in development since 2015, per patents, only to be released for the next console gen.

Game Rant (via GamingBolt) reports that the touchpad will be replaced with a touchscreen that will inform players of suggested inputs. These inputs would also light up for easier sight if you aren’t the most cognitively adept. If this does come to life, it will undoubtedly be among its accessibility line of controllers and will likely have a way to turn off the flashing if that’s not your style.

Considering patents don’t always mean it’s in the works at the moment, we wouldn’t be surprised if this will be something seen at the very end of the PS5 lifecycle or perhaps it’s even poised to be the new standard for Sony’s next PlayStation.

What do you think? Does a machine-learning guide interest you? Let us know below!

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