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Major Third-Party Exclusive Might Be Revealed This Year

A major third-party PlayStation exclusive might be on the fast-track to be announced sometime this year. According to PlayStation insider and podcaster, Colin Moriarty, who also spoke about another potential delay Hogwarts Legacy might endure. He spoke with someone in the know at Sony and the company apparently bolstered its marketing budget for the year, indicating this year will be a big one for the Japanese giant.

One major reason behind the year’s perceived success stems from an unannounced major third-party exclusive rather than the handful of big titles we know right now such as Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo.

“Apparently marketing spending is increasing greatly this year, indicating that Sony is anticipating a large year beyond — I would assume — the games we know imminently most about: Horizon, Gran Turismo, etc.”

PlayStation Exclusive

As expected, Moriarty can’t actively spoil the surprise, but there are plenty of rumors kicking in the wind about potential PlayStation exclusive candidates. First and foremost, BioShock 4 is almost an open secret at this point and is supposedly slated as a timed exclusive. While that fits the ticket, it’s also kind of hard to believe as this is a timed exclusive we’re talking about as opposed to something more long-standing for Sony to hold onto.

There’s always the possibility it could be a new FromSoftware title we haven’t heard about yet or something associated to Square Enix, which put on ice a reveal to focus more on Final Fantasy XVI.

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