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Live Life As A Hobbit In Tales Of The Shire

We’ve heard more about the new Lord of the Rings game, Tales of the Shire developed by Weta Workshop and published by Private Division. This new info comes two years after its reveal.

The at-the-time mysterious game gave us nothing to go off of on what the game would focus on or what genre it would be beholden to. Turns out, it’s a hobbit life simulator. The stylized life sim lets you make friends, make your home feel like your very own, explore, garden, and we’re there’s more that just hasn’t been touched on in the recent trailer.

Considering this game is by the same people known for the special effects of the franchise, it’s anyone’s guess how the game will be or how much LotR DNA will be buried within Tales of the Shire. While no release date was revealed, we do know it’s releasing sometime this year.

What do you think? Are you excited for Tales of the Shire? Let us know below!

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