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Little Nightmares To Get Enhanced Edition On Current-Gen Consoles

Little Nightmares is getting an enhanced edition on current-gen consoles ahead of its third entry’s release this year. The game was previously outed by South Africa’s rating board around a year ago.

Before being taken offline, the ESRB page (via Gematsu), which can be found archived, details the core concept of the game. It isn’t clear exactly what studio took the reigns, as the whole reason behind the original developer, Tarsier Studios, stepping away was due to getting acquired by Embracer Group and taking on new projects.

It’s possible this was done by Supermassive Games, which is also the developer of the new entry, which takes a multiplayer focus, but this ESRB listing doesn’t give us much to go off of. Regardless, even if you’d rather keep to the new, players should be able to enjoy it even if they never played the originals.

What do you think? Are you hyped for Little Nightmares 3? Let us know below! 

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