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Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo Tops 4 Million Players

Ghostwire: Tokyo recently dropped the Spider’s Thread, a free update that — among other things — introduced a tower mode, a new area to explore, new side quests, and more. Oh, and it also released to Xbox with bizarre optimization for a first-party Xbox studio. Nevertheless, it seems the game is making strides, as it’s just been revealed to have garnered four million players since launch.

The game’s official Twitter shared the news on Friday with a general “thank you” tweet alongside some notable reviews from major outlets.

It’s worth noting that sales numbers aren’t public, but Ghostwire: Tokyo is available on higher tiers of PlayStation Plus and available on Game Pass, so there’s no doubt that helped solidify some level of success for Tango Gameworks’ paranormal open-world romp, even if it’s since been overshadowed by its shadow-dropped Xbox exclusive, Hi-Fi Rush.

In our review, I praised its gameplay and story, saying it would “satisfy that weeb-y curiosity when it comes to Japanese folklore while also giving you a fair bit of busy-work to keep your playtime high.”


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