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Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo Runs Worse On Xbox Apparently

Early last year, Tango Gameworks released their first game since 2017’s The Evil Within 2. Dubbed Ghostwire: Tokyo (read our review), it was billed as a timed console exclusive to the PS5. Skip forward to earlier this month, and the game was released to Xbox.

As it turns out, it seems the game runs “quantifiably” worse on the Microsoft console, according to Digital Foundry. In an episode of their podcast, the group ended up discussing the open world supernatural adventure and its performance. While the team hasn’t released a full analysis, the findings indicate a five to 10 percent dip compared to the PS5.

On Quality Mode, the Xbox Series X goes with a lower resolution, while ray tracing was sloppily implemented, and RT shadow alignment had problems, as well. And, of course, the problems are only worse on the Series S, with not even being able to play at 60 FPS on Performance Mode and lacks a ray tracing option.

The fact Tango Gameworks botched Xbox’s Ghostwire: Tokyo is kind of odd, considering Microsoft is their over-head parent, and they had to have at least a decent chunk of time to work on the new version. We’ll also just toss out there their more recent Xbox Series X|S console exclusive, Hi-Fi Rush, which appears to run well, so they aren’t out there making games for hardware they don’t understand.

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