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Gears Of War Narrative Lead Bails On Xbox To Work At Sony

In a surprising turn of events, Gears of War narrative lead Bonnie Jean Mah has left Xbox to work at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio instead as the studio’s latest narrative director. Basically, it’s from one “War” to another. It isn’t what she’ll be working on first just yet.

Mah announced the news on Twitter (thanks, Xbox Nerds), expressing great excitement about working at the studio and with the team. She didn’t say what she’s working on, but she could be working on the alleged God of War Ragnarok DLC, which is supposedly in the works. That said, the dev has been rather quiet about the rumor. The other side is the fact she’s literally choosing to stand in front of a statue of Kratos, so like… we know it’s probably just an indicator of where she’s working, but still.

Alternatively, the first-party dev also has a potential RPG in the early phases, which might be just the right starting point considering her experience with Age of Empires.

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