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Bloober Shifting Focus To Different Project

Silent Hill 2 Remake’s progress was going smoothly, and even though we’ve heard very little about it, Bloober Team seems to be shifting focuses. Granted, as the dev noted, updates would fall on publisher Konami.

On ResetEra, horror industry insider Dusk Golem alleges that the developer is moving to focus on its 2025 Skybound project and that the game is in the polishing phase, with a “skeleton crew” working on the polishing, bug fixes, and adjustments. It’s also likely being playtested.

Per Dusk Golem, it seems on track to release this year if Konami wants it to, which we don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t.

What do you think? Are you excited about re-entering the scary world of Silent Hill 2? Let us know below!

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