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Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Sheds Managing Director Amid Labor Investigation

Ubisoft Montpellier is facing another shakeup as the studio sheds Beyond Good and Evil 2’s managing director amid a labor investigation. A large portion of its developers are facing burnout and going through their sick leave, leading to the investigation.

Kotaku reports that the Inspection du Travail has opened an investigation into the Montpellier-based studio based on the unprecedented dozens of burnout and sick leave staff levels. It was also revealed that Ubi vet, Guillaume Carmona, the managing director, would be leaving the company for an undisclosed reason.

This isn’t the first time the Beyond Good and Evil 2 developer faced a labor investigation. Last December, it faced another large number of staff taking time off, and while some came back to the studio, others left, sparking a check-in by the authorities.

It’s worth noting that the project has had a recent shakeup that saw senior creative director Jean-Marc Geffroy off the project and the promotion of Emile Morel, who served as the game’s associate director. Charles Gaudron became its new game director after Benjamin Dumaz left Ubisoft after 14 years to join the indie game studio, Build A Rocket Boy.

It doesn’t quite make much difference as Kotaku’s sources retain that the team still can’t figure out what to do with BG&E2 as it beats out Duke Nukem Forever’s Development Hell record last year.

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