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Abandoned Devs Delete Demo Tweets

Well, Blue Box Game Studios is once again circulating its name in the bizarre pool of the news cycle. On Thursday, streamer Lance McDonald noticed that the studio started deleting tweets discussing the future of their yet-to-be released PS5 exclusive horror game, Abandoned, in more detail. 

Jump forward a bit and Blue Box has responded, asserting that the project is still alive and kicking, but isn’t quite ready yet and that they’re only going to launch Abandoned: Prologue when it’s ready to go. If this were any other dev, it could read as a developer taking to heart the mistake that CD Projekt Red found themselves in with Cyberpunk 2077. In the case of Blue Box, however, they’ve shown little to no actual progress in developing the title.

Even their Real-Time Experience teaser never really showed fans anything new and all people got was a five-second clip that the studio previously published on social media. They hid behind supposed technical difficulties when called out. Now’s a good time to mention how they do have a sour history dating all the way back to 2015 of announcing games, collecting crowd-funding, and abandoning them without ever releasing the game.

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