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How to Clear Cache on PS5

Ever felt like your PS5 is running a marathon in molasses? Menus taking forever to load? Games stuttering like a newbie in a Soulsborne title? It might be time to pay attention to your console’s cache – the digital equivalent of a cluttered attic! 

Your PS5’s cache can be thought of as a temporary storage space. It holds bits and bobs of data from recently used apps and games, aiming to speed things up by keeping frequently accessed information readily available. 

But similar to a real attic, this cache can become super crammed with junk, eventually slowing down your system. This same issue happens with every device you use to play games on, browse the Internet or access apps. For instance, if you are into mobile gaming and use your iPhone for on-the-go entertainment, you must know how to clear cache on iPhone so you don’t face any system slowdowns. 

If you are frustrated with infuriating glitches and game lags on your trusty console, you have come to the right place.Here, you’ll learn how to clear the cache on PS5. 

A Word of Caution before you start Clearing the Cache 

It is generally safe to clear the cache but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Temporary files will get deleted, which means you have to re-download certain in-game updates or login again to some applications. 
  • Your game progress and save files won’t have any impact because they are stored elsewhere. 

The good news is that clearing the cache on PS5 is a straightforward process that doesn’t take more than a few minutes. However, you cannot clear the cache directly from the console’s main menu. You have to enter Safe Mode. The process is explained below. 

Clearing Cache on PS5

On PlayStation devices, there are two main types of cache that need to be cleared:

  • Game data – This is specific to particular games. Game data stores small, supplementary files and helps games load faster.
  • System cache – This stores temporary data and files that the device needs to access frequently. 

Clearing game data on PS5:

Game data saved on a PS5 contains game cache and other files like saved progress. Clearing this data will make you lose your in-game progress. To avoid losing your progress, you can back up your files to an external device or cloud storage.Clear game cache or data on your console by following these steps – 

  1. Go to Home Screen and choose Settings > choose Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Select Save Data > choose Console Storage. 
  2. Choose Delete > scroll down and mark the game whose data you wish to delete and then select Delete again and confirm your selection by choosing OK. 

Clearing system cache on PS5:

  1. Turn off your console by pressing the PS5 button on your controller and choose Power > Turn off PS5. Alternatively, you can long press the power button until the device turns off. 
  2. Once the indicator on your console stops flashing, hold the power button on the console to turn it on. Keep holding this button even after you hear the first beep. You will hear the second beep after seven seconds. After this second beep, release the power button. You will enter Safe Mode. 
  3. Connect your controller to your console because it is not possible to navigate the Safe Mode menu with your wireless controller. 
  4. Navigate the menu and select Clear Cache and Rebuild Database. 
  5. A confirmation message will appear on your screen. Choose Yes to clear the cache. 
  6. Once the cache-clearing process is complete, your PS5 will restart automatically. 

Please note that clearing the cache is not going to augment Internet speed for gaming or reduce the lag you are experiencing due to a slow connection. However, clearing the cache will help with slow loading or glitching and boost the overall performance of your console. 

What are the Benefits of Clearing the Cache on your PS5?

  • Faster loading times – No more staring at that spinning DualSense logo while you keep tapping your foot impatiently. Clearing cache will potentially reduce loading times, especially when accessing frequently used menus or revisiting recently played games. 
  • Potential fix for minor glitches and bugs – Corrupted data in the cache may cause glitches and minor bugs. Clearing cache can potentially resolve these issues and help you play your games flawlessly. 
  • Enhanced system performance – A cluttered cache can bog down your console, leading to frame rate drops, sluggish menus, and even crashes. Clearing the cache can potentially improve the overall performance of your console. 

Conclusion: Clear your Cache on PS5 and Enjoy a Smoother Gaming Experience!

Clearing your PS5’s cache is an effective and simple method of improving the performance of your console while troubleshooting minor glitches and issues. Every gamer must incorporate this easy and quick maintenance step into their routine. 

So, if your PS5’s performance is feeling sluggish, consider clearing your cache and then experience the difference.