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Zelda Movie Director Aims For “Live-Action Miyazaki”

Sounds like the live-action Legend of Zelda feature film director has lofty goals for its Sony co-financed venture, as director Wes Ball aims to bring a “live-action Miyazaki” experience.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ball explained how he’s a fan of both the game franchise the excellent works from Studio Ghibli, specifically pointing fingers at fan-favorite Spirited Away as his favorite. He shared his vision of the film, explaining how it will be this fantasy adventure that will stand as its own thing rather than end up feeling like a Lord of the Rings clone.

We can only assume the full scope of what Ball is talking about. Many people want to see Zelda getting similar treatment to its poster boy Mario, who saw a highly successful outing with his animated feature. Instead, Link’s going to be put in a live-action setting, though, if his inspirations lie in Studio Ghibli, perhaps things won’t end so badly after all.

What do you think? Are you cautiously optimistic about this Sony-Nintendo feature film? Let us know below!

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