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Sony Partnering With Nintendo On Live-Action Zelda Movie

In what feels like almost a fever dream announcement, Sony Pictures Entertainment has entered into an agreement to distribute and co-finance Nintendo’s next film venture — a live-action Legend of Zelda. This comes after the massive success of its animated Super Mario Bros. Movie, which breezed past over a billion at the box office.

As announced by Nintendo, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto will act as producer alongside Avi Arad, who brought to life the hit Spider-Verse series. More than 50% of the film will be financed by Nintendo, while the remainder will be on Sony.

Sony is also going to deal with distribution and bringing the film to theaters. Considering the significant success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie, which saw Nintendo partner with Universal and Illumination, we can’t help but wonder if this will affect either company’s stance on each other within the game space.

What do you think? Were you surprised to hear of this? Are you excited about a live-action Legend of Zelda movie? Let us know below!

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