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Wreckreation Lets You DIY Race Tracks With Friends

It’s been nearly a year since Wreckreation was unveiled, but after its initial rounds, it fell silent… until now. This game lets you build race tracks alone or with some friends to add another level of unadulterated chaos.

In a new trailer showcased at the recent THQ Nordic showcase, which also revealed the next South Park game and The Last Ronin, we got to see some of the customizations that it’s gonna offer. You get everything you’d want in a track from loops — and lots of them — to buildings to dinosaurs to pool floaties, oh and a giant duck, we can’t forget about that. 

After the fact, you can race your friends and such on the track you created in a car you customized. It certainly has a lot of content potential and unadulterated fun for those just looking to play. We all know that playing games with friends can enhance almost any experience.

No release date yet, but we do know at least that Three Fields Entertainment is getting work done. Wreckreation will launch to current-gen consoles.

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