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Worlds Untold Will Focus On “Fresh Worlds,” Says Former Mass Effect Writer

Worlds Untold is the newest remote-focused game dev spearheaded by Mass Effect writer Mac Walters after leaving BioWare after 19 years.

The Vancouver-based developer is poised to focus on creating “fresh worlds” and characters “without limitations.” Speaking with Eurogamer, Walters’ studio is founded on the idea of “incredible IPs” and “endless possibilities for storytelling.” Generally, it sounds like the first thing considered is the world and then characters before finally moving onto the story and gameplay.

Meanwhile, funding was secured largely thanks to Chinese gaming giant NetEase that saw potential in Walters’ venture.

At this time, we know very little about the debut game of Worlds Untold, other than that it is a “near-future action adventure” featuring a “breathtaking world filled with mystery and exploration.”

What do you think? Are you excited to see what this new dev has in store? Let us know below!

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