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Days Gone 2

Weird New Promo Leads To Calls For Days Gone 2

A recent promo cobbled together by Bend Studio has fans speculating a Days Gone 2 announcement is on the horizon.

The studio is celebrating its 30-year anniversary. To commemorate its celebration, Sony partnered up with Rina Sawayama as part of its PlayStation Playmaker campaign, which throws some level of confusion for many people. 

The short end of it, it’s just a marketing collab that sees big-name celebrities and athletes tapped by Sony to hype people up.

This promo, though — expectedly — backfired as fans went in droves, calling for a Days Gone 2.

We could always hope for it, but a sequel to this franchise, in particular, is something that PlayStation has shown a lot of disinterest in for a variety of reasons, chief among them being the first game released to middling reception.

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