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Far Cry 4

Unobtainable Far Cry 4 Multiplayer Trophy Halts Players From Getting Platinum

Since May, Renaissance Man, a multiplayer-tethered Trophy in Far Cry 4, has been deemed unobtainable by the community,  and as such means Platinum is just out of reach. To get it, players must “finish a public match of each game type in the Battles of Kyrat game mode.” Several people have contacted Ubisoft, pleading for the developer to fix the troubled Trophy.

While Ubi doesn’t seem to be showing signs of pulling the plug on its multiplayer, it’s possible it’ll get a soft wind down. Users on PSNProfiles have shared the mixed responses they’ve received, with at least one rep telling the user it’s working on a fix while another informed the user Farn Cry 4’s out of support and likely won’t get a patch.

PSX Extreme has contacted Ubisoft and will update the article once we receive a response.

What do you think? Do you believe multiplayer Trophies should count to get the Plat? Let us know below!

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7 months ago

If the game has online/multiplayer trophies I will not purchase them or play them often for that reason only.we

Hate that games become impossible to 100%. Just stupid, and not going to spend a penny on that garbage.

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