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Josh Scherr

Uncharted, TLOU2 Writer Leaves Naughty Dog After 21 Years

Josh Scherr, a Naughty Dog veteran, has revealed on Twitter that he’s departed the studio after 21 years a part of it. He’s yet to reveal what his next move is.

Scherr started his Naughty Dog journey as their cinematics animation lead after his contracted Nickelodeon job ran dry. During that 13-year stint in that role before moving onto bigger and better positions, he worked on a good portion of Jak games alongside the Uncharted franchise. 

Speaking of Uncharted, he was brought on as the co-writer of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Lost Legacy. Jumping forward a bit, his last bit of publicly known work for the Cali-based developer was with The Last of Us Part II where he served as the game’s co-writer for the “systemic dialogue” used by enemies. Outside of the public eye, though, he did have a hand in a yet-to-be-announced project, though, with his departure, it’s hard to tell how far along the project is.

As of now, it’s anyone’s guess w10hat Scherr’s next plan of attack is. Whether it’s forming his own studio or moving studios, only time will tell what this decades-seasoned industry vet will do next.

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