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Ubisoft Massive Lead Calls Trophies “Bad For Gaming”

Ubisoft Massive lead, Fredrik Thylander, has opened to a pretty niche and unpopular opinion — trophies are bad for gaming. While many people can spend a long time attempting to Platinum a game or get some of those hard-to-achieve trophies, he isn’t just saying that to say something that can stir the pot.

He believes that trophies are bad for gaming because it’s seen as this one-size-fits-all thing for all platforms while he just doesn’t see eye-to-eye on that. He believes games should offer their own reward mechanisms rather than following what platforms mandate and benefit from.

Adding to that, the Ubisoft Massive lead also feels that it eats resources that could go to the main game, and diverts and disrupts attention.

As with any unpopular opinion, Thylander was inundated with a fair bit of criticism for this hot take. He makes it clear that this is his own opinion and does not represent his employer in any capacity.

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