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This Week in GTA Online: Madrazo Dispatch Services, New Vehicles

If you’re looking for some contract work and aren’t too picky about adhering to legal niceties, the wealthy and ruthless Martin Madrazo may have need of you this week in GTA Online. Madrazo Dispatch Services is an all-new set of contract missions that will have you breaking into LSPD holding cells, launching assaults on Merryweather HQ and more.

In addition to the new missions, there are two new cars of note – the Lampadati Michelli GT and the Rune Cheburek, pictured below and promising to bring back the glory days of the Cold War:

There’s plenty more on sale in the various shops scattered around Los Santos, and as always you can double up on GTA$ and RP. For all the details about what’s new this week, hit up the official blog.

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