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The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol Uses “Real Gore” As Inspiration

Striking Distance Studios is obviously doing press for its upcoming survival horror game, The Callisto Protocol, after its inclusion during the recent State of Play. As part of that it’s been revealed the inspiration behind the creatures you’ll face off against throughout your journey fighting through Black Iron.

According to an interview with PCGamesN, Striking Distance’s chief creative officer, Chris Stone, cited the major releases that defined genres like Silent Hill and Resident Evil as the “obvious inspirations.” He also noted films like The Thing and Event Horizon as other media that inspired the game while also pointing to Korean and French horror films, too.

One of the more controversial bits of inspiration, though, was diving into real-world horror and gore as part of their research. This was naturally a bit less fun than the rest and we can only imagine that no one on the team had a weak stomach when sifting through the disturbing imagery.

“We’ve found ourselves looking at a lot of real-life examples of horror and gore. While these were a lot less fun to research, it was some of the most memorable and valuable content when it came to creating realistic visuals and experiences.”

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