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Terminator: Survivors PS5 Version Releasing ‘At A Later Date’

Nacon Milan has announced a new Terminator game. The game will cast players in an open world four years after the fated Judgement Day, and when SKYNET took control of Earth.

During the announcement on February 29, Nacon Milan stated the game would be released on Steam Early Access in October, but stated the game would be coming to PlayStation “at a later date.”

At the moment, no gameplay has been released, but what details are known about it state it will be an open world survival affair. The game will be playable solo or cooperatively and scavenge resources to help improve your base. Survivors will be from a first person perspective and feature combat and stealth systems alongside the base building elements.

Whilst we wait for the PlayStation release date to be confirmed, fans of the franchise can thankfully still get their T800 fix on PlayStation with the PS4 game or PS5 enhanced version of Terminator: Resistance by developer Teyon.

Are you excited to see another Terminator game? Or doubtful of just how the game will turn out until a gameplay trailer is released? BE sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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