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Team Asobi Surprise Drops New Update For Astro’s Playroom

Just when the Astro Bot hype couldn’t get any better, Team Asobi strikes again with new additions to their PS5 pack-in demo game.

At last week’s State of Play, the devs over at Team Asobi Productions revealed “Astro Bot.” slated for September 6. To further drive the hype for their upcoming game, the studio just surprised dropped a new update for Astro’s Playroom right before Summer Game Fest 2024 went live. As reported by VGC, the surprise update is packed with bundles of new content including new trophies and new gotcha figures unlockable at the PS LABO.

Even a mysterious new portal accessible at the PS LABO leads to a hidden station promoting the upcoming Astro Bot title on the PlayStation Store. If players listen closely, the music from the reveal trailer can also be heard in the hidden portal room.

The game’s startup screen is also updated to display the Team Asobi logo with updated colors from the Astro Bot reveal trailer.

If anyone has ever imagined how the game would be like to feature Sony’s 2023 PS5 redesign, looks like the devs have those thoughts covered. The new unlockable gotchas includes various newer PS5 accessories… including the 2023 console redesign itself.

There is also one new Special Bot hidden in each of the game’s four main worlds. New riddles must be solved in order to free them. Overall, Team Asobi is certainly firing on all cylinders to help PlayStation fans gear up for Astro Bot’s new adventure nearly four years in the making.

What do you think? Does this previously unannounced update get you hyped for Astro Bot? Let us know below!

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