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State Of Play Officially Reveals Astro Bot, Out September 6

It looks like rumors of the next Astro Bot title have been been fulfilled and is coming out on PlayStation 5 in a little over three months.

During recent months, the rumor mill was buzzing over the upcoming PlayStation event, the next Team Asobi game’s title, new setting(s), and characters. These speculations came true with the reveal of “Astro Bot” at State of Play’s finale yesterday.

Astro Bot indeed revealed a new desert setting including a new fox-like character. The reveal trailer (watch below) also showcased this desert world as one of six new galaxies and 80 new levels players will traverse as the titular bot, making his way to reunite with his dispersed band of bots. 15 new abilities are said to be unlocked among new gameplay features taking advantage of the PS5’s Dual Sense controller (via the PlayStation Blog).

Aside from a host of new enemies to encounter, Astro Bot also continues Astro’s Playroom references to various characters/games from PlayStation’s history, including Kratos from God of War and Nathan Drake from Uncharted. Even the PS5 console and controller themselves play as spaceships. What’s more is that a new bulldog character “Barkster” has his own debut to aid with the upcoming mission. Astro Bot is set to release on September 6, nearly four years after Astro’s Playroom and the PS5’s launch.

What do you think of the newest State of Play? Are you excited for Astro Bot’s Fall 2024 launch? Let us know below!

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