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Super Bowl LVII, God of War Ragnarok

Super Bowl LVII To Feature Some God Of War Announcement

Sony seems to be teasing some sort of announcement during Super Bowl LVII. This could mean anything from DLC, New Game+ details, or even something completely different.

According to MP1st, PlayStation Canada shared a short teaser post on Facebook and Instagram calling for a “blizzard” on February 12, 2023. Alongside that post, those with press access apparently received a message telling people to keep tabs of their socials and to “tune into the big game this weekend.”

It’s hard to determine what this announcement could be as it really could be anything tied to the series. It’s possible that Sony just wants to push out some DLC reveal to as many people as possible. Alternatively, it could be a broader announcement about some new high-profile State of Play or perhaps more details when fans can expect a New Game+ to hit the game.

It could even be a lot less grandiose than we’re making it out to be and this Super Bowl LVII promo spot could just be another trailer associated with its Live from PS5 campaign, which kicked off in late January.

Sony Telling Press To Tune Into Super Bowl LVII

PlayStation invited fans to keep their eyes peeled on its social channels for more surprises and celebrations of fan favourite PS5 games. Today, Odin’s ravens spotted a new teaser on PlayStation Canada’s Instagram and Facebook channels, forecasting a blizzard on Midgard this Sunday night. To see how it all plays out, make sure you tune in to the big game this weekend!

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