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Studio Gobo

Studio Gobo Joins Guerrilla Games On Horizon

Studio Gobo, the co-developer of the upcoming Xbox exclusive Redfall and the on-the-horizon Hogwarts Legacy, has joined Guerrilla Games to work on the Horizon series. Previous experience in the co-dev space includes Disney Infinity, For Honor, Hyper Scape, and more.

The partnership means the studio is not only co-developing the future of the game series but also hiring to accommodate the task at hand. Studio Gobo announced its partnership on Thursday over on Twitter (via VGC). They declared that they’re thrilled to be part of the co-development team.

Late last year, Guerrilla announced that it was looking at expanding the Horizon universe with an online project that’s yet to be revealed. With the co-developer behind Disney Infinity and For Honor, it seems like they could make something stand out.

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