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Stellar Blade Will Be Uncensored Across All Countries

Shift Up’s AAA PlayStation-backed action adventure, Stellar Blade, will remain uncensored in all countries, making it stand out compared to many recent releases. Regardless if you’re in the US or good ol’ Japan, you can expect the same experience.

The official Stellar Blade Twitter revealed that it will remain uncensored, name dropping that this includes its Japanese version. We don’t have to tell you this went over well with the community, as regional discrepancies and decisions to cut things out to appeal to certain country markets are still lingering, it’s a breath of fresh air for a studio to brazenly say that it’s not going to change its versions across regions.

The game itself has a lot of promise with some notable figures singing its praises ahead of its April 26 release date, like Nier series director Yoko Taro.

What do you think? Are you pumped for Stellar Blade? Let us know below!

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