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Stellar Blade To Feature 3 Graphical Modes

Shift Up’s PS5 exclusive Stellar Blade is poised to release later this year, and as it gets closer to release, more is coming out about it, including its multiple graphics modes.

According to an interview with German publication Play3 (via Genki), a specific highlight of the interview focused on the game’s graphical modes. Much like any other game, players can toggle different graphical settings to best optimize their experience, and Stellar Blade is poised to have three.

According to Genki, the game will feature a Performance Mode, a Resolution Mode, and a Balanced Mode. While we don’t know exactly what to expect with a Balanced Mode, its Performance counterpart will see the game running at a 60FPS, while its Resolution setting will see the game run at 4K, which we assume means the game is locked at 30FPS.

What do you think? Are you planning on buying Stellar Blade? Let us know below!  

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