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Square Enix Marks Games “Successes” Or “Failures,” No In-Betweens

For Japanese game maker Square Enix, games are “marked successes” or “marked failures,” meaning there are no in-between for overarching game dev company. With the new quarter, it plans on overhauling game development.

In the recent earnings report (via PSLS), it was revealed that with this new game dev overhaul, which would see a change in what studios take responsibility for developing entries of major IPs for it. Within, Square Enix discussed “monetization methods” like free-to-play and subscriptions, giving “greater diversity of business models outside the confines of traditional one-off sales.”

It also noted new games are “marked successes” or “marked failures,” without really giving us a true means to know which is which. We can just assume it’s talking about sales, though, and save the trouble of expecting it’s talking about a community, as fans continue to gather around whatever new news pops up about its major IPs like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.

“Monetization methods such as free-to-play, microtransactions, and subscriptions have also given rise to a greater diversity of business models outside the confines of traditional one-off sales. As such, the consumer game market continues to grow. New releases tend to be met with either marked success or marked failure as players throng to a handful of major titles.”

What do you think? What would mark a game a “success” or “failure” in your book? Let us know below! 

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