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Spyro 4 Reportedly In Development

Over five years after Spyro’s fiery return in the Reignited Trilogy, the purple dragon’s next installment (or rather, sequel) may finally be on it’s way.

Years of speculation over Spyro 4 may be put to rest as YouTube content creator Canadian Guy Eh (thanks, Xbox Nerds) covers the Spyro game’s status following his trip to PAX East in Boston. CGE talked privately with various developers and media sources, Jez Cordon of Windows Central later shared confirmation from Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty that Spyro dev Toys for Bob has established a direct partnership for their first title since going Indie.

CGE importantly states that Spyro 4’s development allegedly began at the start of the year, and so reasons for the game’s release to arrive at a later time. He also makes clear how it still faces possibilities for changes in direction, delays, or even cancelations during any time in development.

While neither Microsoft nor TFB have yet to release any official confirmation of Spyro 4’s title nor it’s active development, other hints by the developer and the purple dragon himself released earlier this year still keep the hope alive for the next Spyro title.

Do you believe Spyro 4 is on the way? Let us know below!

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