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Sony Plays With The Idea Of AI Technology

The possibilities and ideas that can stem from virtual reality just got far more interesting. A new patent (noticed by SegmentNext) published on August 12, 2021 describes artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by Lakshmich Kaushik, (a manager of Machine Learning at PlayStation), that can essentially help new players make thoughtful decisions about what weapons and items they choose.A screenshot of an ai technology (AI) example user interface (UI) enabling a simulation player to indicate whether they are inexperienced.

In the publication, Sony acknowledges that “inexperienced players often do not make the optimum choice, leading to frustration.” Considering this, the technology is tasked with monitoring players’ movements and weapon effectiveness. These recommendations could even determine advantages and disadvantages with which hand a weapon should be wielded in.

While there’s no information on when this AI technology will be implemented, it’s great to see an update on what Sony is working on. Last we reported, Sony had just gotten started working on the next generation of VR head-mounted displays.

What do you think? Are you excited to have your movements read? Tell us below!

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