As we draw closer and closer to the launch of the PS5, we already know the PSVR 2 isn’t going to launch with it. It’s looking like Sony is just now in the works of the next-generation VR headset.

According to a Japanese job listing from the Sony Corporation, it’s seeking a group of people for the “development of a next-generation VR head-mounted display.”

This isn’t confirmation of an actual PSVR 2, after all, this isn’t just a posting from Sony Interactive Entertainment, which deals will the entertainment stuff. Some – such as Upload VR – speculate this may actually be a jump forward. The translation isn’t absolutely clear as to what it could be.

This leaves it open, especially with its job posting linked to Sony’s parent rather than its subsidiary. This may be an attempt to branch out of the PSVR branding or get ahead of the curve. For all we know, though, this could even be a legit standalone Sony aims to launch itself without the help of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Only time will tell and we certainly have plenty of it to wait, considering its estimated five years of work ahead of it.

What do you think? Is this looking like it could be the PSVR 2 or standalone? Tell us below!

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