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Internal Investigation Launched Amid Newest PS5 Pro Leak

Specs for the PS5 Pro have been leaked over the weekend, understandably setting off alarm bells in Sony’s offices, as an internal investigation is now underway. We don’t know what effects this will have, but considering the leak happened during a third-party rollout, we can expect less studios to get access to its dev kit.

Insider Tom Henderson took to Twitter alleging the console maker is launching an investigation into who leaked the docs, though, odds are the console maker won’t be able to find the culprit and they’ll get away scot-free.

Supposedly this new version is poised to release during the holiday season complete with faster rendering, proper 8K resolution support, improved ray-tracing, and more.

Are you eyeing yourself a new PS5 or sticking old school until the PS6’s eventual debut?

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